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Our Heartitudes Foundation is guided by a clear vision and mission, both of which encapsulate our purpose and commitment. Our vision is to create a world where compassion, empathy, and kindness flourish, transforming lives and communities, and they are outlined below:

– To help those in need, especially in the areas of health and medical care.
– Regular medical outreach programs for those who cannot afford them.
– Promoting and improving healthy living standards in our society.
– Rehabilitation of patients back into the larger society.
– To mobilize private-public partnerships to enable such outreach programs
– To bring the plight of people who need help to general societal consciousness




Our Projects/Programmes form the backbone of our efforts at Heartitudes Foundation to translate our vision and mission into tangible and impactful actions. These initiatives are outlined below:



“Heartitudes Foundation’s medical outreach in our village was a blessing! Many of us had never received proper healthcare before. Their team conducted health check-ups, provided vaccinations, and educated us on hygiene. We feel cared for and healthier now!”

Dickson o. Blessing

“After battling addiction for years, I thought my life was hopeless. But Heartitudes Foundation’s reintegration program provided me with vocational training and helped me find a job. Today, I’m proud to say I’m sober and employed, all thanks to their unwavering support!.”

Oritsegbugbemi Tuoyo Moses

“As a single mother struggling to make ends meet, I couldn’t afford medical treatment for my child’s illness. Heartitudes Foundation stepped in and covered all the hospital expenses, giving my child a chance to recover without worrying about finances. Forever grateful!”

Esther Preye



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