About Us

Heartitudes Foundation is a charitable NGO that is domiciled in Owerri, Imo state. It is birthed out of a need to truly help humanity. The Heartitudes Foundation reaches out to help those who are truly in need of help, especially in the areas of health and medical care. It has achieved a lot in the areas of promoting and improving healthy living standards, footing the medical bills of those who need it and rehabilitating patients back into the larger society.

Brief history

The Heartitudes Foundation, located in Owerri, Imo state, has a heartwarming history that began in 2005. It was founded by Dr. Tennyson Usoh , a compassionate and visionary physician, who wanted to make a positive impact on the physical and mental health in his community.

Dr. Tenn witnessed the struggles of people facing medical and mental health issues, especially during difficult times like the economic recession that struck the region. Motivated by a deep sense of empathy, she decided to create a safe space where individuals could find support, understanding, and guidance to overcome their financial, mental and emotional challenges.

Starting with just a small team of volunteers, the Heartitudes Foundation began organizing awareness campaigns and workshops to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health. As their efforts gained momentum, they established counseling centers across Owerri to provide accessible and affordable mental health services to those in need.

Over the years, the foundation expanded its reach and impact, collaborating with local schools, hospitals, and community leaders to promote emotional well-being. They also introduced innovative programs to address the specific needs of vulnerable groups, such as children from disadvantaged backgrounds and survivors of trauma.

As word of their success spread, the Heartitudes Foundation received funding from various sources, including grants and generous donations from philanthropists. With these resources, they further enhanced their facilities, training programs, and outreach initiatives, solidifying their position as a leading mental health organization in Imo state.

In 2023, the foundation launched a groundbreaking online platform that would allow them to increase their reach and attract more funds from donors. This digital innovation significantly increased their ability to help even more people struggling with financial, physical and mental health challenges.

As they celebrate their 18th anniversary in 2023, the Heartitudes Foundation remains committed to their mission of fostering emotional well-being and resilience within the community. Through their unwavering dedication, they continue to touch hearts and transform lives, leaving an indelible mark on the landscape of mental health care in Owerri and beyond.